Paths Aligned

by Aurae

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Ashley Summers Flynn
Ashley Summers Flynn thumbnail
Ashley Summers Flynn Just gorgeous music you can get lost in. Instantly likeable. Almost an unearthly beauty to it. :) Favorite track: Promethean.
DasWiesel thumbnail
DasWiesel This needs to be shared throughout the progressive world. It's simply awesome. Not too complex but it has a deep atmosphere. One of the best prog. releases in 2015. +awesome cleans Favorite track: Cross the Threshold.
Bruno Ouellet
Bruno Ouellet thumbnail
Bruno Ouellet You guys are awesome! Vocals are excellent, you have a good balance between your cleans/screams. Guitar riffs are interesting too, not too technical, just enough to keep the listener for getting bored. Overall, you have some solid song structures and progressions. The saxophone caught my ears, it sounds so nice with this style of music! Clarity was a good choice as an EP closer. I just wish the production would have been a little better, but as a first recording, this is rock solid. Favorite track: Flux.
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This is our first release, which does a great job of showing our wide range of influences with everything from Periphery and Born of Osiris, to The Contortionist, to Fallujah, to Last Chance to Reason and more.


released February 17, 2015

Dallas Baldwin - Vocals
James Kunau - Guitars
Ben Kosel - Bass
Zack Hagstrom Skalnek - Drums, Electronics

(The rest of Aurae didn't join until after the recording of the EP)
Ben Drake - Production, Electronics, Mixing, Mastering, Recording
Lee Tran - Saxophone on Sanctuary and Flux
Alex Hofmann (Fallujah) - Artwork



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Aurae Woodbury, Minnesota

Aurae is a Progressive Metal band hailing from the Twin Cities in Minnesota. The lineup consists of
Dallas Baldwin - Vocals
James Kunau - Guitars
Chris Zywicki - Guitars
Niko Hasapopoulos - Bass
Zack Hagstrom- Skalnek - Drums
Taylor Schultz - Keys
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Track Name: Sanctuary
Complete within my domain
How could you begin to intrude
This wild you try to claim
Will be the end of you

Why can't you see?
Made to defend with my life

I won't give up
You are the threat
I'll see to it that you are dealt with
Born to protect this place
And the beauty with in it

Why aren't these times easier
Vast monuments to men ablaze
Who can predict
What nightmare will come to surface next?

Living on the edge
I can't stand it

I won't give up
You are the threat
I'll see to it that you are dealt with
Born to protect this place
And the beauty with in it

This is it
You've done it
I'll be sure
To walk on your grave

I won't give up
You are the threat
I'll see to it that you are dealt with
Born to protect this place
And the beauty with in it
Track Name: Promethean
In the end the gods will reign

Bright rendition of lights
Streak across the blank
Bursting a world of potential into motion
Guiding the Future

Cycles of life begin
Evolving the unexpected
Coming from the origin
Of miracle and possiblity

Species come forth
On hands and knees
Learning to stand tall
Progression of order
comes with ease
Civil with false needs

False needs

Aboslute Vanity

Ever growing momentum
Within our beliefs

Superiorty over everything

False needs
Track Name: Clairvoyant
Tidal waves of the great cleanse
Approach with urgency


It is far to late
we should have seen it
Why have we disgraced
the creators with such ease
Forgetting who brought us being
Living for nothing now
We must reunite with the ground

Our position was not rightful
We clouded our minds
For the sake of fear
Fear in a superior entity
how wrong we were to disregard
All that came to be
abusing the gifts given
Granted for free

Mongers on this sullen plain
Waiting to conquer an equal
Or to conquer one another
Simpletons in wholest form
yet we manage to stay greatly torn

Absolute vanity
In our false needs

Now can you see
How we have behaved
Track Name: Cross the Threshold
Somewhere stranded beyond aiding reach
I strive to gain knowledge once lost

Placing all that's dear to me
On the line
In pursuit of salvation
Chasing, chasing these mystery lights

Forces begin to slowly untwine
Leaving traces of the truth
Buried underneath our feet
How long would it have taken us
To finally see
That these answers given were deceit

Is it as I fear
Our path is so unclear

Move around but still wholly bound
Tied deep within their system
Thrown into a maze
Made to hinder the weak


Nowhere to go
We are left alone
Track Name: Clarity
Walk into the fields
of release
Open your mind
to whats not obvious

Do you feel it now?
Do you see it reaching out?

Truth lies within the little things
learn to feel passion for all
Soon we will begin our journey
to the other side

Perfect the walk
Between time
In this home lies
As clarity overcomes your mind